Make Money with Polar Powder Cold Packs 
Our Sales Team includes National Retail Chains, Wholesale Distributors, Independent Retailers, On line Sellers and Part time Men and Women that sell local retailers, friends, fund raisers and others.  Call or E mail us for information


Polar Powder Coldpak Sales Team Information.  Whether you are a retailer, a jobber or someone wanting to "Cash in" on the "American Dream", Contact us in regard to joining the  Polar Powder Coldpak Sales Team. 

Polar Powder Coldpaks are a time proven non prescription remedy for arthritis, muscle pain, post eye surgery, headaches, sports injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, tendonitis, sprained wrist / ankle, neck aches, shoulder pain, knee pain and also helps to reduce swelling and pressure of many ailments.  Polar Powder Coldpaks also have a high success for helping torn or inflamed muscles.

Contact us for Business inquiries. Our goal is Making the "American Dream" a reality.  We can design a wholesale sales program to fit yours or your  company's needs.