Polar Powder Cold Pak
Pain Relief Cold Pack Therapy

Pain Relief For:
Headaches Migraines Shoulder Aches  Arthritis  Sprained Wrists Sports Injuries Bumps & Bruises Knee Injuries Circulation Problems Sore Muscles Back Pain Neck Pain Cools Hot Flashes

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Polar Powder Cold Packs Versus Ice Packs and Gel Packs:
The Polar Powder Cold Pack  with Magnetic Therapy  is more comfortable than other products that begin to warm instantly upon contact with the skin. The Polar Powder Cold Pack has been engineered to provide an optimum temperature transfer rate, providing a more comfortable and safer healing process.  Further, it remains soft and pliable when frozen and will conform to the shape of any body appendage. Light weight and non frost bite qualities aid in pain relieving traits. We can provide a documented Scientific Study  substantiating the "How's & Why's" regarding Polar Powder's Therapeutic aspects. 

Further:  Polar Powder Cold Pack with Magnetic Therapy adds magnetic energy to the benefits of cold therapy, bringing fast-acting and effective relief for pain and swelling. Magnetic fields increase blood flow and reduce inflammation in affected areas, and allow injuries to heal better, faster, and with less scar tissue.

Equals Rocks

Ice Packs and Gel Packs are Hard, Heavy and Do NOT conform to the shape of the "pain area"  We have all taken ice cubes put them in a plastic bag or towel and applied them to "hurt".  Reality, the ice is as hard as rocks and causes additional pain.  Further, the ice melts rapidly.  Gel Packs have the same harsh features as ice namely heavy, hard, non flexible and melt rapidly.

For Pain Relief,  wouldn't you prefer gentle, soft, lightweight relief
instead of laying a cold rock on an already painful area?

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