POLAR POWDER COLD PACKS Physical Therapy Program 
Currently used for pain relief therapy at leading clinics! 

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*Not Just Another Cold Pack but an effective pain relief device that  is used prior, during and after clinic therapy sessions.  Polar Powder Reduces pain & anxiety in the waiting room enhances the therapy treatment process and enables the Patient to purchase the Polar Powder from your clinic.

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*Soft  *Easy to use  *Lightweight  *Flexible when frozen
*Contains magnetic therapy
*Re-useable / cost friendly

The Polar Powder Cold Pack Promotes Pain Relief at a rapid rate without causing the discomfort of other cold packs that are heavier, hard and do not conform to the shape of the area that is causing pain. Polar Powder Cold Packs are totally Non-Toxic.
Why Polar Powder Cold Pack is Better!  Many other medical professionals have approved Polar Powder Cold Pack with Magnetic Therapy as a complement to all safe and effective forms of health treatment.  Cold therapy to treat injuries, is one of the most inexpensive and widely used therapeutic methods to treat musculoskeletal injuries.  The process stops pain and slows swelling, allowing the blood to carry away the fluid and toxins that have been released. Cold shrinks the blood vessels, reducing the bleeding in the area and helping to prevent swelling. In addition, applying cold to the injury prevents muscles from going into spasm and relieves pain. Unlike other cold packs on the market. Polar Powder
adds the benefits of magnetic energy with the cold therapy, bringing fast-acting and effective relief for pain and swelling.

The Polar Powder Cold Pack with Magnetic Therapy is more comfortable than other products that begin to warm instantly upon contact with the skin. It has has been engineered to provide an optimum temperature transfer rate, providing safer more comfortable healing. 

Polar Powder Cold Pack Versus Ice and Gel Packs  Polar Powder remains soft and pliable when frozen and will conform to the shape of any body appendage.  Lightweight and non-frost bite qualities aid in pain relieving traits.  A documented Scientific Study that substantiates the "How's & Why's" of Polar Powder's Therapeutic aspects can be provided.

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