Horse Leg Injuries Therapy with Polar Powder Cold Pack
Equine Leg Inflammation Injury Cold Pack Relief with Magnetic Therapy

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Horse Cold Therapy on an injured or inflamed Equines leg can help improve a range of muscle, joint, and soft tissue injuries. The cold temperature of the Polar Powder Cold Packs helps to decrease blood flow to the injured area. In turn, reduced blood flow helps minimize swelling and inflammation, dissipate heat, and alleviate pain. At the same time, cold therapy slows metabolism of the tissue surrounding the injury, which helps minimize further damage and, as a result, speed healing. Cold therapy with the Polar Powder Cold Pack is most effective during the first 48 hours of an injury or inflammation and its use after a hard workout may also help a horse with chronic conditions, such as weak tendons and ligaments from a past injury.


Care needs to be taken, however, whenever cold therapy is used on an injured limb. Bandages wrapped too tightly can compromise circulation: also, if applied for too long a duration cold can damage your horse's skin and underlying tissue. The Polar Powder Cold Pack has been designed not to cause skin damage and to remain cold for a recommended time period.

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Why Polar Powder Equine Pain Relief Cold Packs are Better!

Polar Powder Cold Pack with Magnetic Therapy has been approved by many other medical professionals as a complement to all safe and effective forms of health treatment. Cold therapy to treat injuries for Humans and Animals, is one of the most inexpensive and widely-used therapeutic methods to treat musculoskeletal injuries. The process stops pain and slows swelling, allowing the blood to carry away the fluid and toxins that have been released. Cold shrinks the blood vessels, reducing the bleeding in the area and helping to prevent swelling. In addition, applying cold to the injury prevents muscles from going into spasm and relieves pain. Unlike other cold packs on the market.
The Polar Powder Cold Pack with Magnetic Therapy is more comfortable for a Horse than other products that begin to warm instantly upon contact with the skin. The Polar Powder Cold Pack has been engineered to provide an optimum temperature transfer rate, providing a more comfortable and safer healing process.  Polar Powder Cold Pak with Magnetic Therapy adds the benefits of magnetic energy to the benefits of cold therapy, bringing fast-acting and effective relief for pain and swelling. Magnetic fields increase blood flow and reduce inflammation in affected areas, and allow injuries to heal better, faster, and with less scar tissue.
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