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 Freeze until using.  Use as needed.  Formulated with Cold & Magnetic Therapy thus reducing inflammation and helping injuries to heal better and faster.

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Pain Relief Coldpax Medical LLC, Worldwide Supplier of Polar Powder Coldpak.  The Polar Powder Cold Pack with Magnetic Therapy  is more comfortable than other products that begin to warm instantly upon contact with the skin. The Polar Powder Cold Pak has been engineered to provide an optimum temperature transfer rate, providing a more comfortable and safer healing process.

Polar Powder Cold Pack  with Magnetic Therapy  has been approved by many other medical professionals as a complement to all safe and effective forms of health treatment. Cold therapy  to treat injuries, is one of the most inexpensive and widely-used therapeutic methods to treat musculoskeletal injuries. The process stops pain and slows swelling, allowing the blood to carry away the fluid and toxins that have been released. Cold shrinks the blood vessels, reducing the bleeding in the area  and helping to prevent swelling. In addition, applying cold to the injury prevents muscles from going into spasm and relieves pain.

Unlike other cold packs on the market, Polar Powder Cold Pack with Magnetic Therapy  adds the benefits of magnetic energy to the benefits of cold therapy, bringing fast-acting and effective relief for pain and swelling. Magnetic fields increase blood flow and reduce inflammation in affected areas, and allow injuries to heal better, faster, and with less scar tissue
The USA Trademark and FDA Registration for Polar Powder ColdPak is held by  Coldpax Medical LLC which is of Public Record.  Contact us for wholesale dealer / export information.  We are the direct source for this product.
Bulletin:  Our Physical Therapy Clinic Oversized Polar Powder Cold Packs are Now Available. These are the same Super Sized Polar Powder Pain Relief Cold Packs used by many Pain Relief Clinics Throughout the USA, Canada & Europe. 
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